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Welcome to the Passport Culinary Autumn Box!
As autumn arrives and the air gets cooler, we're thrilled to bring you a culinary adventure straight from the heart of Australia. In this Autumn Box, we've curated an exceptional selection of familiar cuts with bold, new tastes. Each cut is handpicked from the picturesque landscapes of Australia, renowned for its top-tier meats. Join us as we uncover the extraordinary flavors of this diverse land, one delicious bite at a time. Get ready to elevate your fall dining experience!

What do you get in the Autumn Box

Cape Grim Filet Mignon/ grass-fed grass-finished - 2 each

From: Tasmania, The Best Grass Raised Cattle in the World

About: Sourced from the pristine pastures of Tasmania, these filet mignons are grass-fed and grass-finished, offering a unique and delicious taste experience.

Robbins Island Ground Beef / 100% Full Blood Wagyu (2 lbs)

From: Northwest tip of Tasmania, The most pristine land for raising cattle

About: Our Robbins Island Ground Beef is 100% Full Blood Wagyu, raised in the untouched wilderness of Tasmania. It's incredibly flavorful and perfect for gourmet burgers.

Gundagai Boneless Leg of Lamb (5 lbs)

From: New South Wales, The best lamb in Australia!

About: Our boneless leg of lamb comes from New South Wales, where the lamb is known for its tenderness and rich flavor. It's ideal for a mouthwatering roast.

Pure Black Bone-in Ribeye (MB5+, 18-22 oz)

From: Southern Australia, Barley Finished Black Angus

About: Discover the exquisite marbling of this bone-in ribeye from Southern Australia. Raised on a barley diet, it's a tender and flavorful cut that's perfect for grilling or roasting.

Wanderer New York Strip / Free-Range Barley Cattle (2 each) (MB4+, 12 oz)

From: Southern Australia, Barley Finished Cattle

About: These New York Strip cuts come from free-range cattle in Southern Australia, offering bold flavors thanks to their barley-based diet. With a marbling score of MB4+ and generous portions, they're a carnivore's delight.

Experience the taste of Australia in every bite with the Passport Culinary Autumn Box. These familiar cuts, infused with bold new flavors, promise to inspire you