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Welcome to the Passport Culinary Spring Edition: The Equinox Box. This quarter's box is a celebration of health, taste, and culinary craftsmanship. The Passport Culinary Spring Box is your ticket to a season filled with the finest flavors and a journey of culinary discovery. Each cut is selected to provide you with an unparalleled dining experience, inviting you to savor the freshness and vitality of spring with every bite.

What's Inside the Spring Box:

  • Cape Grim NY Steak, Dry Aged MB4+ (10oz each - 2): Revel in the rich marbling and distinctive flavor that only comes from expertly aged beef.
  • Cape Grim Filet Mignon (8oz each - 2): Indulge in the pinnacle of tenderness and taste with these luxurious cuts.
  • Cape Grim Rib Eye, MB4+ (12oz each - 2): Savor the robust beefy taste and succulence of these beautifully marbled steaks.
  • Cape Grim Tomahawk, Dry Aged MB4+ (28oz - 32oz): Make a statement with this impressive cut, offering a feast for the senses with its grand presentation and depth of flavor.

Your Culinary Experience Enhanced:

  • Cape Grim Ranch – Cattle Information: Connect with the source of your meal, understanding the sustainable and ethical farming practices that make these cuts superior in quality and flavor.
  • Nutritional Information on Eating Grass-Fed Beef: Empower your wellness journey with knowledge about the health benefits of grass-fed beef, including its leaner profile and higher nutrient content.
  • How to Prepare and Cook Steaks: Transform into a culinary maestro with Chef Sam Marvin's expertly crafted recipes and cooking tips, ensuring you make the most of each exquisite cut.

Spring-Inspired Recipes:

  • Sugar Snap Pea Salad: A refreshing side dish that captures the essence of spring with crisp sugar snap peas, dressed in a creamy, tangy buttermilk dressing.
  • Roasted Asparagus with Lemon & Walnuts: A vibrant accompaniment that pairs perfectly with your beef, featuring the seasonal delight of roasted asparagus with a zesty lemon and walnut topping.

Exclusive Spring Gifts:

  • Citrus Zester: Enhance your dishes with a touch of zest, a perfect tool for adding a bright finish to your springtime creations.

 Embark on this seasonal adventure and let your taste buds bloom with the Spring Box from Passport Culinary.